Organizational consulting that enables teams to harness the power of co-creation based on the principles of dynamic governance and conscious communication.

Through one-on-one coaching, I also help individuals transform chaos and challenges into a catalyst for positive change in their work/life.







"After working with Bernadette, I feel completely different – like I’ve crossed a threshold. I am able to manage my energy, I’m saying 'no' and not taking on too many things. I’ve been able to transform my work life so that I have time for other things in life that are important to me, like riding my horse – avoiding a very serious case of burn-out which was affecting my health."  

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Natural Health Practitioner



"Bernadette's program taught me how to trust in myself, trust that I am capable of anything I set myself to do. It has given me tools that I will certainly use for years to come. And now I am able to use the knowledge she passed on to me, and with certainty say that I am on my way to fulfilling my dream of leaving the IT world and starting my own business - one step at a time, with a confidence I did not have before. Now I have a plan. And I have a direction to go. Thank you Bernadette!”   

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Midwest Director, The White House Project



“I signed up for Bernadette’s Mastery Program because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Mostly I was conscious of how NOT masterful I was living/feeling. After her program I was able to create the experiences I wanted. The best part was receiving the very intuitive thoughtful coaching from Bernadette. For years to come, I will use the tools I learned from her. If you feel at all curious about working with her, I recommend jumping in!"

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Anesthesiologist, Owner of Canna-Fusion



"When I started the Bernadette's program I was feeling overwhelmed with my life. I had just started a new business and I was in unfamiliar territory. I knew I needed a coach to help me grow the business and to help me grow as a person. Bernadette has been a great coach for personal issues that block me and for professional business issues."