“When I started Bernadette’s Awaken Your Dream Program, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and frazzled by all the roles and responsibilities of work, family and home demands. There was no time for me – my thinking felt frantic and scrambled and I felt like a rabbit in the headlights with zero downtime, every moment squashed full. I had forgotten how to dream. 

Now, I feel completely different – like I’ve crossed a threshold. I am able to manage my energy, I’m saying “no” and not taking on too many things. I’ve been able to transform my work life so that I have time for other things in life that are important to me, like riding my horse – avoiding a very serious case of burn-out which was affecting my health.

I had a pattern – a belief – that I should help others before myself. I would stand up for everyone else – especially my family – but I never applied that kind of determination to myself. Bernadette's program helped me give myself permission to focus my mind – to really ask, “What do I want?” and “What’s stopping me?” 

I was amazed to discover that when I shifted my focus to pursuing my dreams, the essence of my relationship with my daughter became more loving and positive. My relationship with my husband shifted significantly as well and strangely enough, his perception of what’s possible has altered as well – he’s honing his dreams. I had always dreamed of living in New Zealand, but my husband would brush it off. Now, he is the one who is exploring the possibility! It’s amazing how when I focus on my dreams, it positively impacts those around me. It has a ripple effect.

Allowing myself to dream again took out the drudgery of the day to day. I’m excited about the future instead of dreading it. I have realized that we are not stuck; only when I thought I could not change was that the case. The world has opened up its infinite possibilities for travel and going after what I want!

Before, I had great ideas, but I would lose incentive or motivation. Bernadette’s program helped me to follow through and take action. I feel more confident and I’ve gained fundamental skills that will always be with me.”


Natural Health Practitioner


“When I started the Awaken Your Dream Program I was lost. I knew  the life I was living was not fulfilling me or my dream of leaving my job in Information Technology and pursue a career in natural medicine, but I lacked the focus and direction to get there. I lacked a plan. It was in this moment in my life, from a very strong desire of wanting to do more, wanting to move on towards my dream, but not knowing how or when, that I met Bernadette.

I joined the Awaken Your Dream Program with one thought: I needed to learn how to move on, how to get myself into motion toward this life that I dreamed about. The experience with Bernadette has been enlightening to say the least. With her kind and assertive guidance, I unlocked powers in myself I did not know I had, one by one.

She has thought things through with me, been there for me, and offered her advice, not only by following her program, but by listening to me and helping me reach my own conclusions.

The program taught me how to trust in myself, to trust that I am capable of anything I set myself to do. It has given me tools that I will certainly use for years to come.

And now I am able to use the knowledge she passed to me, and with certainty say that I am on my way to fulfilling my dream, one step at a time, but surely and with a confidence I did not have before. Now I have a plan. And I have a direction to go. Thank you Bernadette!”


Midwest Director, The White House Project


“I signed up for Bernadette’s Mastery Program because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Mostly I was conscious of how NOT masterful I was living/feeling. Her program helped me move my energy, manage my fear and create a couple outstanding experiences toward living the life I wanted.

The act of asking for help and committing to give the program to myself was hugely helpful in moving me to a better place. And actually, I physically moved my office to a better place as well. So lots happened for me because of committing to her Mastery Program. The best thing was receiving the very intuitive thoughtful coaching from Bernadette. And for years to come, I will use the tools I learned from her. If you feel at all curious about working with her,  I recommend jumping in!"


Anesthesiologist and Owner of Canna-Fusion Healing Products


"When I started the Fulfill Your Dream Program I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with my life. I had just started a new business and I was in unfamiliar territory. I knew I needed a coach to help me grow the business and to help me grow as a person. Bernadette has been a great coach for personal issues that block me and for professional business issues that are new to me.

Working with Bernadette has been a game changer because she has given me tools like EFT that I can easily use to help me get in touch with my fears anxieties that block me from fulfilling by dream. The program has taught me how to relax and find balance in my life. It also taught me how to embrace the unknown and be OK with the ups and downs of life in general.  Bernadette has been like a secret angel in my pocket, helping and guiding me on                                                         the way!"


Co-founder and Director, Jackson Meadow Sustainable Development


"When I began working with Bernadette, I was experiencing a very challenging issue in my work. Although I normally feel quite capable of managing high levels of performance and stress, this particular challenge left me feeling disempowered, drained and unable to "rebound" as I normally do. I felt like the "wind was knocked out of my sail".

During our work together, Bernadette's deep listening and wisdom allowed me to feel totally supported and uplifted. I was able to sort through the issues with clarity, insight, and confidence.

Now I feel an energetic shift on all levels of my consciousness. I am resilient - moving through challenges much faster - like gracefully jumping hurdles while in motion. My decision making occurs easily, and I am stepping into greater leadership roles in my work.                                                           Even with extensive daily demands on my time and energy, I feel like everything is falling                                                             into place. I am in the "flow" of my work and am fulfilling my purpose at a whole new level."




“I joined Bernadette’s Fulfill Your Dream Program because I needed to make a major decision about whether my husband and I would stay in Portugal or move back to Sweden. At the time, I felt very un-grounded and lost – I didn’t feel at home or rooted – and it was quite painful. I was also searching for what was next for me in my life, since I no longer had the same passions and focus that I had in Sweden. I wanted to find where I “belong,” where I feel at home, on all levels. I felt that I couldn’t get a hold of my dreams, couldn’t see the possibilities. I really didn’t know what I wanted.

Within the first few weeks of the program, I felt like I was slowly coming alive after a few years of being in a kind of "off state.” It felt like I was opening up to life again. Positive things began coming my way and I wanted to reach out for more!”

Now, it seems like things just pour over me – like they are coming to me instead of me chasing or searching for them. I’ve become like a magnet attracting exactly what I need. For example, the right people and resources are crossing my path. And, the greatest part is that we found our "dream house" in a little village by the sea! This is bringing me huge happiness - I feel so connected and grounded there, like I have really found my home. 

During the sessions with Bernadette, it was so nice to be able to put words to what is happening with/to/around/in me. I gained insight about awakening my dream and having a purpose. The thought of finding my dream and the purpose of my life was so scary. I thought that I didn't have a dream, that I didn't have a purpose in life. I thought that the dream and the purpose had to have something to do with making a living or having "super powers" or something extraordinary. I am growing as a person, and I am learning so much every day. But the ultimate insight for me is that my purpose in life is to be happy. What I do - as a profession - does not identify me.

I admire Bernadette’s patience as a teacher/guide/mentor. Since I started to have a lot of insights from her program, I feel good - I can focus and care about the important stuff and let go of the nonsense, to open up and receive, to give...

The Fulfill Your Dream Program is truly a journey within yourself. Obviously different for each and every one of us, but oh so rewarding, freeing, encouraging, releasing. There is nothing much that scares me anymore and that is so relieving. Now I know I can do things MY way and that is ok. And, MY way might even help others.”