Sociocracy: Organizing Together Effectively

This one day training will be a rich introduction to Sociocracy, a governance system that supports healthy group process. Sociocracy has a strong focus on equality and effectiveness where authority is distributed into small, empowered groups that operate as equals and with clarity. Sociocracy is used worldwide in a variety of organizations: for-profits, associations, communities, cooperatives and schools. It offers a way to be inclusive and get things done well.

This workshop will provide an overview over the basic concepts of Sociocracy: decision making, how to empower and connect teams and how you can improve continuously over time. We will do exercises and role plays so that everyone can experience the clarity, consideration and flow that Sociocracy brings.

All workshops are hands-on, participatory and connecting. Everyone will walk away with a basic understanding of Sociocracy, its benefits and tools. You will learn in a way that allows you to apply what you have learned in your own organizations.


- Deciding together so that no-one is ignored (consent)
- A place for everything and everything in its place: organisational structure
- Linking: connecting teams for more flow of information
- Being intentional about who does what: Sociocratic open elections
- Learning and feedback: how we can improve what we do and how we do it

*Training developed by Sociocracy For All

The Way of Council: Circle Facilitation

This communication practice will be customized for your group or organization. The Way of Council is a modern methodology drawn from the ancient tradition of sitting in "circle". It is a dialogue practice that helps people gather in conversations which are authentic, nourishing, and support wisdom based change. It also supports conflict resolution, building connection, team coherence and emotional intelligence.

Here is a TedX Talk on "The Power of Listening - An Ancient Practice for Our Future"

Emotional Intelligence

This training will be customized for your group or organization. Here are some areas of training that are offered:

  • The research behind why Emotional Intelligence is so important for teams to function optimally

  • The basic neurology of reaction versus response

  • Exploring triggers and unconscious beliefs

  • Practicing connection and communication

  • The power and practice of deep listening

  • Needs-based communication (Non-violent Communication)